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Custom Software is software, or a computer program, which was designed to perform a specific task.

E.S. Systems creates custom software for:

  • enterprise servers
  • client work stations
  • stand alone desktop computers or laptop computers
  • portable data collection devices

Our clients typically fall in one of these catagories:

  1. They searched for an existing software package that would not only solve their data management needs but would fit their business model and they could not find it.
  2. They are creating a new business (model) for which there has been no software created.
  3. They have an existing software package that works well. However, in order to grow their business they need to save time and effort by adding an automated data collection device, or an automated data integration feature to a third party system.
  4. They currently use software that is intrusive to an employee's routine. This is becoming more and more expensive as the employee is not as productive as he or she could be. Additionally, employees are less likely to use the software correctly when it hinders their work flow.

When E.S. Systems designs, develops, implements, and supports your software system you can rest assured that your enterprise data will flow efficiently from point of need to your decision making reports.


As your business grows, you (often gradually) invest in more technology to help reduce labor cost and reduce manual paper work.

When you implement new technology in your business it often comes with a new software system that has its own database. Perhaps you have an accounting system in your business and recently replaced your cash registers with a point of sale (POS) system. When you add a new customer in your POS system you may also have to add that new customer in our accounting system.

One of our specialties is to find some common ground between such computer systems and design software that will perhaps automatically add this new customer to your accounting system.

Making different systems work together can reduce or eliminate the need for entering the same data in more than one application. This reduces costly man hours. Furthermore, each time you eliminate a need for data entry, you eliminate a possible point for data entry errors.



Software development is done right here in the U.S.A. We are proud to support our local economy.

Our geographic location and commitment to use local talent allows us to offer our clients access to a technical staff that understands  their real world issues and how they apply to their economy, culture, and language.


The sofware language we use depends on the project.

Just like a carpenter goes to work with a toolbox full of tools, so do we. Some of the tools we use on a daily basis are:

  • C#, C, C++, VB 6, Visual FoxPro for Windows Application Development
  • C, C++, EMbedded VB for Windows PocketPC or Windows Mobile development
  • PHP, ASP for Web Development
  • Crystal Reports and Component One (C1) Reports for report design
  • MS SQL Server, MSDE, SQL Express for database design and administration

To deliver a total solution to our customers E.S. Systems offers rugged, semi rugged or ruggedized laptops, professional grade computers, servers, storage systems and portable data collection devices.

  • We build a system to match your needs and only has the software you want and need
  • We can pre-load your software requirements on one or hundreds of systems
  • We offer full service onsite warranty plans
  • Our systems are considered "business class" which means rugged, better specifications
  • Our systems are consistent - which means same motherboard, processor, etc from week to week. - Furthermore we support them for 3 years, and if one fails you should receive the same item back or a better equivalent
  • If you, the customer, should be in a situation where the power supply fails and cannot wait for an RMA - you can go to a local store and purchase a generic power supply and your system will be up and running.
View our line of laptops, work stations, and servers.

There is some interesting and usefull information available at the Better Business Bureau BBB on how to choose a new system for a college-bound student


If you require or simply prefer the Microsoft Windows XP operating system (OS) over the new Microsoft Windows Vista OS then we can accomodate you.

Many businesses have been frustrated by the new graphical user interface (GUI) of Vista and the loss in productivity due to the time it takes to ramp up to Vista.

View our line of laptops, work stations, and servers.


These are some of the business management functions we can integrate with QuickBooks®


  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Estimates
  • Point Of Sale
  • Contact Management
  • Express Shipping
  • Customer Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Project Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Human Resources


We specialize in the development of software and would rather have someone who specializes in hosting manage a data center that is secure and has a controlled environment. We currently host all our Websites at a data center in Dallas, TX.

We do however, synchronize all data to a local server on a daily basis so that in the event of a catastrophy or outage we have data in two or more geographically diverse locations.


Hermes is a scalable time management system that is suitable for a variety of businesses. Hermes allows you to capture time for individual job codes or project codes and then use that captured time to process payroll and to create invoices for your clients.

Hermes allows you to capture time in a variety of ways:

  1. capture time for projects or job codes via a PC program
  2. capture clock IN and clock OUT events via a PC Program, Webbrowser or wall mounted timeclock device
  3. capture clock IN and clock OUT events locally without an Internet connection. Time and attendance data can be synchronized via MODEM at preset intervals.
  • Professional services
    • Attorneys
    • Architects
    • Software Developers
    • Hospice
    • Home Health Care
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture


Hermes is not a payroll system. We made a conscious decision to not "reinvent the wheel". Hermes integrates collected data to a third party payroll system such as QuickBooks, or ADP. Since Hermes is scalable other payroll systems can be added easily.



You can create detailed reports based on entered time logs and view them in a variety of formats. You can view detailed billing reports:

  • by job code or project code
  • by client or customer code
  • by employee
  • by location

We have created an interface that allows you to export this data or even integrate it directly into QuickBooks™.

Track billable hours, create detailed billing reports, and produce clean invoices using QuickBooks™ the Hermes way.